Keynotes and Workshops

Our keynote presentations, “Helping Management to Navigate Rough Seas”, draw on our personal experiences Captaining small sailboats on long-distance blue-water passages, as well as our extensive professional consulting and management backgrounds. This enables us to provide entertaining metaphors to communicate important management fundamentals on Business Performance Improvement.  Our keynote presentations are custom-tailored to each audience based on pre-meeting interviews on the specific needs and concerns of our audience.  We include stunning visual effects of life on a small sailboat under passage in the ocean, as related to the serious topic of Business Performance Improvement.

Our keynote speeches are intended to leave each audience member with actual take-away skills they can apply in identifying and implementing their own Business Performance Improvement opportunities.  These would typically be “Quick Hits” that could be implemented with little or no additional investment.

We also facilitate workshops and breakout sessions at conferences or off-site meetings, including leading strategic or business planning sessions.  These are intended to enable us to work with small groups to complete specific assignments during the workshops thereby realizing an immediate Return On Investment.  Examples of our workshops include our series on Business Planning:

  • Setting Objectives and Strategy;
  • Operations Planning and Budgeting; and
  • Cash Requirements Forecasting.

Follow this link to a recent article on Setting Objectives and Strategy